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even though conj conjunction: Connects words, clauses, and sentences--for example, and, but, because, in order that. (although, despite the fact that) bien que + [subjonctif] conj conjonction: mot de liaison entre deux propositions. Ex : et, mais, si, que malgré + [substantif] conj conjonction: mot de liaison entre deux propositions. Ex : et, mais, si, que alors que + [indicatif. Traductions en contexte de even though en anglais-français avec Reverso Context : even though i know, even though such, even though i say so mysel

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Traduzioni in contesto per even though in inglese-italiano da Reverso Context: even though i know, but even though, because even though, even though the commissio even though conj — bien que conj · It must be noted that in that case it was held by the Court that even though the defendant had acted unlawfully and therefore the action was admissible in so far as the declaration for failure to act was concerned, the action for compensation was inadmissible owing to the impossibility, at that time, of quantifying the extent of the future damage. eur. Synonyms for even though at Thesaurus.com with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for even though I hope these examples have made it clearer how to use the words although, even though and though. This will help your English sound a little more sophisticated, a little more like a native speaker instead of using but all the time. I will say that it's pretty common for us to use but in spoken English, just speaking informally and it's also really common to. Définitions de even though, synonymes, antonymes, dérivés de even though, dictionnaire analogique de even though (anglais

「even though」「although」というフレーズを知っていますか?「even though」と「although」は「though」と何が違うのでしょうか?意味と使い方が分かりづらい「even though」を今回は徹底解説します although / though / even thoughの違いについては、それぞれに共通する意味「~にもかかわらず」があるので、この意味で使っていれば置き換えることが可能です。しかし、thoughは使い方が多いため、特定の役割で使われているthoughを、他の言葉に置き換えることができないと考えることができます Though signifie « bien que », « cependant », ou « mais » et se place souvent en début de phrase, ou entre deux phrases.. Mais lorsque les anglophones natifs parlent, il le mettent souvent A LA FIN des phrases. Cela donne un petit côté informel, relax, à la conversation. Ça fait très « anglais de la vie quotidienne » even though conjunctival phrase even though she explained it in detail bien qu'elle l'ait expliqué en détail even with phrasal preposition même avec, malgré even out transitive verb separable Conjugaison [surface] Conjugaison égaliser, Conjugaison aplanir [prices] Conjugaison égaliser [supply] Conjugaison répartir or distribuer plus. 「even though」とは「~にも関わらず」という意味です。 この記事では、「even though」の意味と使い方について解説します。 また、「even though」の類義語である「even if」や「although」との違いも徹底解説。 ぜひ参考にしてくださいね

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Even though is slightly stronger and more emphatic than although. I enjoyed the course, although I would have liked more grammar practice. Although we saw each other every day, we didn't really know each other. Even though she spoke very quietly, he understood every word. She didn't get the job, even though she had all the necessary qualifications. though. Though can be used in the same way as. even though - traduire en français avec le dictionnaire Anglais-Français - Cambridge Dictionary

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Key Difference - Although vs Even Though Although and even though are two conjunctions (linking words) that are used to show contrast. Though these two terms have similar meanings and are used in similar grammatical contexts, there is a slight difference between although and even though Its meaning is pretty much the same as even though and the both can be translated as aunque Even though means in spite of something. (Even though is more formal way to say Although - the strongest expression or emphatic

Even though is used when something is always done or a fact is mentioned. Even when is used when something is occasionally done. Even if is used when something is rarely done or just imagined Although and even though have a similar meaning to despite and in spite of. We use all of these words to say that a thing is surprising, unusual or unexpected in relation to another thing. This is called concession. While the meaning of these words is similar, there is a difference in how we use them Even though and even if are not interchangeable and imply different things. Despite the fact is what is implied by even though whereas, whether or not is what is implied by even if. Even if has unreal elements attached to it and is used to refer to hypothetical situations those have not taken place yet even though {conjunction} even though (also: albeit, although, as, though Even though you're tired, don't take it out on your staff.: 피곤하더라도 부하직원에게 화풀이하지 마세요. 이 문장에서는 even though ~ 를 썼기 때문에, 당신은 지금 피곤한 상태가 됩니다. 비록 당신이 피곤하긴 하지만 부하직원에게 화풀이하지 말라는 뜻이 되지요. # 예문을 가지고 살펴보기. - even if ~의 경우.

}, Even if is essentially saying that the occurence of a hypothetical event wouldn't change anything. Even though is more concrete, and is used for reality. Even though I am French, I cannot speak French. Quoique je sois Français, je ne peux pas parler français all the same, although, despite, despite the fact that, even if, even so, however, in spite ot the fact that, much as, nevertheless, nonetheless, none the less, notwithstanding, notwithstanding the fact that, still, though, whereas, while, withal, yet, albeit (literary), whilst (British Even though in a sentence 1. She hasn't phoned, even though she said she would. 2. always listen to your heart because even though it's on your left side, it's always right

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  1. although, though; despite or in spite of the fact that She left him even though she still loved him. (archaic) Even if
  2. Guide de la prononciation : Apprenez à prononcer even though en Anglais comme un locuteur natif. Traduction anglaise de even though
  3. Even though i have many foreign friends, We don't practice English together. 1 vote I couldn't get the business. Submitted by garfield_in_london on Sat, 06/14/2014 - 03:53. I couldn't get the business visa although I had all necesarry documents. I've learned English despite not attending any courses. 2 votes Even dough I am not in love. Submitted by Alba Morgade on Fri, 08/15/2014 - 00:05.
  4. 'Evolution is still a theory even though it is now taught in state schools as hard facts.' 'The material was rather light and it felt as though she had nothing on, even though she knew she did.' 'But he is not in fact a trustee at all, even though he may be liable to account as if he were.

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e·ven 1 (ē′vən) adj. 1. a. Having a horizontal surface; flat: an even floor. b. Having no irregularities, roughness, or indentations; smooth. See Synonyms at level. c. Being in the same plane or line; parallel: The picture is even with the window. 2. a. Having no variations or fluctuations; uniform: the even rhythm of his breathing. b. Of uniform. Even though is used to introduce a condition which currently is true, while even if introduces a hypothetical condition that is not yet true. I'm going to the park even though it's raining. This means that it's raining right now, but I'm going to the park anyway. I'm going to the park even if it's raining. This means that it's not yet raining, but I will go to the park even if it starts to.

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  1. Even though we have the 2006 directive, it is plain that it is not working as well as it should. Cho ć mamy dyrektywę z 2006 roku jest oczywiste, że nie działa ona tak dobrze jak powinna. more_vert. open_in_new Link to TED; warning Request revision; And we crave one thing, even though we kind of don't know it all the time. I marzenie mamy jedno, choć często nieświadome. even though.
  2. API de traduction; À propos de MyMemory; Se connecter.
  3. e.g Even though the exam was easy, I failed.. 這裡可以看到使用 even though 時,特別強調「(落空的)期待」。 e.g Despite his best efforts, the man just couldn't succeed. = The man just couldn't succeed despite his best efforts. = In spite of his best efforts, the man just couldn't succeed. = The man just couldn't succeed in spite of his best efforts
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  5. even though - traduire en allemand avec le dictionnaire Anglais-Allemand - Cambridge Dictionar
  6. Even though we have the 2006 directive, it is plain that it is not working as well as it should. Cho ć mamy dyrektywę z 2006 roku jest oczywiste, że nie działa ona tak dobrze jak powinna. more_vert. open_in_new Link do TED; warning Prośba o sprawdzenie; And we crave one thing, even though we kind of don't know it all the time. I marzenie mamy jedno, choć często nieświadome. even though.
  7. Après even ou as, seul though peut être employé. Even though correspond alors à même si et as though à comme si. Exemple : Even though I love her, i'm not blind. 3. Lorsqu'il est en fin de phrase, though veut dire pourtant ou quand même. Exemple : The house is not nice. But, it's comfortable, though. 4. In spite of. In spite of se traduit par malgré et non malgré que. In.

Even though they have made their views known, however there has been no observable impact on the current provision of services. M. miloune85 Senior Member. The Netherlands. Castellano, Français & Italiano (trilin May 24, 2017 #3 Thank you, Packard. I'll use the third option . Packard said: Even though they have made their views known, however there has been no observable impact on the current. Écoutez Even Though (feat. XXYYXX) - EP par Giraffage sur Deezer. Avec la musique en streaming sur Deezer, découvrez plus de 56 millions de titres, créez gratuitement vos propres playlists, explorez des genres différents et partagez vos titres préférés avec vos amis

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Even Though synonyms. Top synonyms for even though (other words for even though) are despite, although and despite the fact that Biggest laugh even though the transplant jokes were better. Las mayores carcajadas, aunque las bromas del trasplante fueron mejores. This even though Andrea was cooperating fully. Esto, a pesar de que ella estaba cooperando plenamente. Belly's expanding even though I cross-clamped the aorta. El vientre se está expandiendo a pesar de que he pinzado la aorta. People remain isolated even though. Even though we know it's forever changing Even though we know we lie and wait Even though we know the hidden danger I hope it's not too late. Slowly follow shining stars Feel the solar flare I'm on borrowed time right now And I'm low on air It's a pity you can't see such a travesty Gonna give myself to the deep majesty. Even though we know it's forever changing Even though we know we lie and. A: Careful, even though is writen separately. Now, regarding the question, they both have the same meaning. However, even though sounds a little stronger than although

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  1. Even Though. Paroles Even Though Le 20/04/2018 - modifié le 25/03/2019 - Par Music Story. Partager sur Facebook; Partager sur Twitter; Partager sur WhatsApp; Cast adrift in space no fear.
  2. Comment dire Even though he Anglais? Prononciation de Even though he à 1 prononciation audio, et de plus pour Even though he
  3. (even) though vs. although: Last post 18 Dec 07, 19:28: Abend, gibt es bei der Verwendung irgendwelche semantischen bzw. stilistischen Unterschiede 5 Replies: wenn auch - even though: Last post 19 Dec 10, 21:22: You have an interesting even though very extreme opinion about this topic - I don't think - a: 1 Replies: though - auch wenn (wie.
  4. Even though the price of gas has decreased, many people still take the bus. A pesar de que está bajando el precio de la gasolina, mucha gente aún toma el autobús

(Even though there's always somethin') Even though She's right on time Even though She's always lyin' Even though there's always something with you (Even though there's always somethin') I know we don't talk about it I know that that's true I know we don't talk about it I'm so scared that I'm losin' you Even though She just stopped tryin Printable exercise on the use of 'even if' and 'even though', for learners of English. English Grammar Exercise EVEN IF - EVEN THOUGH. www.learn-english-today.com. Complete the sentences below with 'even if' or 'even though'. (The answers are at the end of the page.) 1. Sam refused the offer _____ he needed the money. 2. _____ Mary has a car, she walks to work. 3. James won't sell his car.

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Even though in many places work with offenders is still in its infancy, all the [...] experiences and findings point to the fact [...] that it considerably reduces the victims' risk of suffering further violence. brot-fuer-die-welt.com. brot-fuer-die-welt.com. Apesar de, em muitos lug ares, o trabalho com os agressores ainda estar numa [...] fase inicial, todas as experiências e pe squisas. Svensk översättning av 'even though' - engelskt-svenskt lexikon med många fler översättningar från engelska till svenska gratis online

Even though it was raining, we went for a walk. In conversation, people often use though at the end of a ­sentence: It was a good party. I didn't know many people there, though. 2. In spite of is followed by a noun or noun phrase: In spite of the weather, we went for a walk. Beyond the basics . 1. The word despite has the same meaning as in spite of. It is mainly used in texts of a more. Even Though July 25, 2020 Melody Evans Church , Life , Lifestyle 0 This weekend's devotional is brought to you by Dr. David Gasperson, pastor of Warsaw Baptist Church in Warsaw, NC I can still remember, even though it was so long ago. → even Examples from the Corpus even though • They like him even though he rarely has anything to say to them, directly or through the media. • I still look fat, even though I've been exercising fairly regularly Definition of even though in the Idioms Dictionary. even though phrase. What does even though expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. What does even though expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary Even though we know it's forever changing Even though we know we don't have long Even though we know there's a hidden danger I hope we don't go wrong Submit Corrections. Writer(s): Skye Edwards, Paul David Godfrey, Ross Charles Godfrey. AZLyrics. M. Morcheeba Lyrics. album: Blood Like Lemonade (2010) Crimson. Even Though . Blood Like Lemonade. I Am The Spring. Recipe For Disaster. Easier.

Although and Even though are all subordinating conjuctions, which connect two sentences together. Although vs Even Though; Although means in spite of something. Although + Subject + Verb Examples; Although it rained all day, we enjoyed the football match very much. She failed in the math exam, although she studied very hard Synonyms for even though in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for even though. 236 synonyms for even: despite, in spite of, disregarding, notwithstanding, in spite of the fact that, regardless of the fact that, all the more, much, still. What are synonyms for even though

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  1. d Even though She's hard to find Even though there's always something with you (Even though there's always somethin') Stay Together [Previously Unreleased Track] Mr.
  2. even if / even though. No, they are not interchangeable. If you want to use even though, the meaning changes. Even though means despite the fact that and is a more emphatic version of though and.
  3. Even though I was invited to the party, I didn't go. I will work overtime this weekend even though I don't want to. Even though my friend isn't good at singing, he always sings a lot at karaoke. However, even if is usually used to talk about what you will do at a future time despite something which might go against your plan. For.
  4. Even though Buffalo was their last choice, Sahlen Field at least provides the Jays with some semblance of a homefield advantage
  5. Even though / although they have a lot of money, they're still not happy. Despite / in spite of their money, they're still not happy. Despite, in spite of: Despite and in spite of have the same meaning and are prepositions. We use despite / in spite of to express that something is unexpected or surprising. Despite the heavy traffic, we got there on time. Despite being much older than the.
  6. ・Even though you may hate me right now, I love you. : 今は、嫌われているかもしれないけど私は君が好きだよ。 ・He's a great father, even though he's a pain in the neck. : 面倒な人だけど彼はいい父親です。 ~にもかかわらず ・He wouldn't give his name even though I asked twice. : 2回も名前を聞いたのに彼は教えてくれなかった.
  7. But even though it was established that the two words shouldn't come together in one sentence, I still insisted in using them. Are the two sentences ungrammatical? Sep 19 2010 17:16:43. lagataw + 0 but even though is fine in itself. Some people advise against starting a sentence with but, but I personally do not have any objection to this if done sensibly, and your use seems OK to me.

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Even Though our love is doomed (Même si notre amour est condamné). I'm getting desperate, desperate for a revolution Je deviens désespérée, désespérée pour une révolution. Some kind of spark, some kind of connection Une sorte d'étincelle, une sorte de lien. In these dangerous days, come a little bit closer En ces temps dangereux, rapproches toi. I need to understand J'ai besoin de. Lernen Sie die Übersetzung für 'even though' in LEOs Englisch ⇔ Deutsch Wörterbuch. Mit Flexionstabellen der verschiedenen Fälle und Zeiten Aussprache und relevante Diskussionen Kostenloser Vokabeltraine traduzione di even though nel dizionario Inglese - Italiano, consulta anche 'even out',even up',break even',event', esempi, coniugazione, pronunci The Crossword Solver found 20 answers to the even though crossword clue. The Crossword Solver finds answers to American-style crosswords, British-style crosswords, general knowledge crosswords and cryptic crossword puzzles. Enter the answer length or the answer pattern to get better results. Click the answer to find similar crossword clues

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Definition and synonyms of even though from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.. This is the British English definition of even though.View American English definition of even though.. Change your default dictionary to American English Even though you may not know the formal rules of your own language, you know a lot about its grammar, and you can use that knowledge when studying a second language. Even though we tried hard, we couldn't beat Jane. She really manipulates her husband by constantly threatening to leave him, even though she would never do that. His voice is thin even though he is fat. Even though he killed.

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  1. Synonyms for even though include although, despite the fact, despite the fact that, in spite of the fact that, though, albeit, allowing that, as much as, even when and howbeit. Find more similar words at wordhippo.com
  2. Englisch-Deutsch-Übersetzungen für even though im Online-Wörterbuch dict.cc (Deutschwörterbuch)
  3. Ecco even if non è sebbene mentre even though (oppure although o anche though da solo) lo è . Se dico verrò anche se piove potrei non sapere ancora se pioverà a no. Se dico verrò sebbene piova so che sta piovendo ma decido di venire lo stesso. In inglese I'll come even if it rains vs I'll come even though it rains. Ciao.
  4. Song Even Though I'm Leaving; Artist Luke Combs; Licensed to YouTube by SME (on behalf of River House Artists/Columbia Nashville); LatinAutor - Warner Chappell, BMI - Broadcast Music Inc.
  5. English Even though they did break Niger laws, their actions do not warrant such a long imprisonment. more_vert. open_in_new Link to source; warning Request revision; I přesto, že porušili nigerské zákony, jejich čin neodůvodňuje tak dlouhé uvěznění. English Now it had a name, which made it scarier than the regular flu, even though it was more deadly. more_vert. open_in_new Link to.

Norah Jones - Even Though. Artiste: Norah Jones; Album: The Fall; Traductions : français, italien anglais . A A. Even Though Somethin' 'bout the way he touched me was so slow. The way he put his arms around me, even though. I'm feelin' lonely, I'm feelin' lonely . Don't understand the words he said, made me do wrong. But now there's nothing else in my head, and though it's strong. I wish he'd. EVEN THOUGH I'M DEPRESSED is the 9th track off of Chase Atlantic's sophomore album, PHASES. With a rather up-beat instrumental contrasting the dark lyrics, it focuses on hating all of.

Even though synonyms and Even though antonyms. Top synonym for even though (another word for even though) is despite even-though definition: Conjunction 1. although, though; despite or in spite of the fact thatShe left him even though she still loved him.Usage notes 2. Even though is almost identical in meaning with plain though or although; the main difference is that.. Morcheeba - Even Though. Artiste: Morcheeba; Chanson: Even Though; Album: Blood Like Lemonade; Traductions : grec anglais . A A. Even Though Cast adrift in space no fear. By a pepper moon. Look at all the waves out here. Did we peak too soon? All the deadly dreams we had. That I can't believe. The universal messages. That we don't receive . Even though we know it's forever changing. even though, even if,though,although 的用法和区别 though,although,even though 这些连词均可表示虽然,尽管之意. though 和 although 在意义上几乎毫无区别,但在习惯用法上这两个词仍有以下一些差异: 1.though 可引出倒装语序的让步状语从句,although 则不能. 2.though 可与 even 连用,although 则不能;在 as though 结构中,只. Even though 와 Even if 많은 한국 사람들이 even though 와 even if 가 같은 의미라고 생각합니다. 그러나 둘은 다른 뜻입니다. 이 둘은 뜻도 다르고 그 쓰임도 다릅니다. 가장 큰 차이점은 even though.

Even though my doctor recommened that I rest this week, I went to the gym. *Please note that Even though does not always have to be placed at the beginning of the sentence. I went to the gym, even though my doctor recommened that I rest for a week. Though is used to include a contrasting idea. So imagine that you say that it is very late (in the evening). You also want to say that you want to. Even though museums have begged to borrow her collection, she could never split it up. 尽管已有博物馆请求借用她的收藏品,但她永远不会将藏品分开展出。 柯林斯例

如: 。 Though/Although/Even though it's hard work, I enjoy it.尽管这项工作艰难,我却喜欢它。 Although/Though/Even though we all tried our best, we lost the game.(=We lost the game although/though/even though we tried our best.)虽然我们已经尽了最大的力量,但 还是输了。 2).当让步状语从句的动词. Even though : 35 versions par 19 artistes, Norah Jones, Jesse Harris, Case, Screamin' Jay Hawkins, Sugar Ray, Giraffage, Cedric Gervais, Soulid, Carl Mann, Screamin. End of the free exercise to learn English: Although, though, even though, in spite of, despite A free English exercise to learn English. Other English exercises on the same topic : Linking words | All our lessons and exercise Song Even Though I'm Leaving; Artist Luke Combs; Licensed to YouTube by SME (on behalf of River House Artists/Columbia Nashville); BMI - Broadcast Music Inc., CMRRA, LatinAutor - UMPG, Big Machine. Although / Though / Even though I like white cars, I'll buy the gray one. A resposta é. Tanto faz! Although é um pouco mais formal do que os outros dois. Tanto na escrita, quanto na fala. Já o though possui a mesma função, mas é considerado mais informal, como uma abreviação da primeira palavra. E o even though seria um pouco mais 'dramático' que os outros, ou seja, para dar.

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Go, even though you're sure no one will ever love you as well as he does. Go, even though there is nowhere to go. Go, even though you don't know exactly why you can't stay. Go, because you want to. Because wanting to leave is enough. He said to me once - You were brave enough to do the thing I never would have done. It was me that initiated it, and he barely fought against it. English Even though Deutsche Bahn has bought Transfesa, it is still having a difficult time. more_vert. open_in_new Enlace a fuente; warning Solicitar revisión; Incluso DB acaba de comprar o ha comprado Transfesa pero lo sigue teniendo también muy difícil. English New negotiations have not been initiated, even though the deadline is only one month away. more_vert. open_in_new Enlace a. Morcheeba > Even Though (HQ) ۞ SnÔÔpy ۞ . Suivre. il y a 10 ans | 449 vues ★ Une Belle Chanson du Groupe Morcheeba avec une Vidéo Magique ★ ¤¤¤ Peace Music & Unity ¤¤¤ Respect SnOOpy ;o) Signaler. Vidéos à découvrir. À suivre.

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the grinder shotgun is one of the most powerful shotguns on the market.even though it isn't very accurate at long range, your resistance troopers will appreciate the stopping power of the grinder when a ground dweller is charging at them Although / Even though Mrs Bean was starting to get impatient and wanted to leave, but Mr Bean stayed at the bar talking to his friends for a little while longer. 7. Although / Even though the roads was bad due to the snow, and many people decided not to drive that night, we decided to go to the party anyway. 8. Although / Even though the cost of shopping is a little higher at that local.

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Even though he's the boss, when you talk to him he has a way of making you feel quite comfortable. 예문 발음듣기 반복듣기. 그럴 필요 없어요. 비록 그가 상사이긴 해도, 자신과 이야기를 나누는 상대방을 아주 편하게 해주거든요. It was such beautiful weather that we went on a picnic, even though we really should have gone back to the office. 예문. Morcheeba - Even though (Live) Rita Mitsoukien -) Suivre. il y a 10 ans | 639 vues. Signaler. Vidéos à découvrir. À suivre. 4:51. Morcheeba - Blood LIke Lemonade. Merwin Othel.

I smile even though I'm hurting on the inside.

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even though中文:即使,點擊查查權威綫上辭典詳細解釋even though的中文翻譯,even though的發音,音標,用法和例句等 Even though it was a memorial igo match, it lasted for 4 days. 発音を聞く 例文帳に追加. 記念碁ではあるが、この碁は四日に渉って打継がれた。 - Wikipedia日英京都関連文書対訳コーパス. Even though I went after looking forward to it all that time, the movie I wanted to see was sold out.発音を聞く 例文帳に追加. せっかく行ったのに. © 2012 - CNRTL 44, avenue de la Libération BP 30687 54063 Nancy Cedex - France Tél. : +33 3 83 96 21 76 - Fax : +33 3 83 97 24 5

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